2018 smart EQ Fortwo Near Salem, MA

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2018 smart EQ Fortwo
is now available in Lynnfield, MA,
an easy drive from anywhere in
Massachusetts or New Hampshire.
Home delivery is available.

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The smart EQ Fortwo is now available at smart Center of Lynnfield. The smart EQ Fortwo is an eco-friendly 100% electric vehicle that can re-charge at home via a Level 1 (120V/12A) home outlet or a via a Level 2(240V/32A) charging station. A Level 2 station will be able to recharge the vehicle 0-80% in only 2.5 hours- twice as fast as the previous model! To learn more about electric car charging, contact smart Center of Lynnfield

According to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average driver goes 29 miles per day.* The smart EQ Fortwo is rated to travel twice this distance for an average driver. A new ECO mode is also now available to increase driving range. With a top speed of 81 mph, new CrossWind Assist Technology from Mercedes-Benz, and surprising amounts of torque from 0 mph, the smart EQ Fortwo is ideal for both highway commuting or city driving. An electric smart EQ Fortwo is ideal for commuting back and forth to work, parking at the MBTA or Commuter rail, running errands, going shopping, finding parking at the beach or downtown, and more.

Plentiful rear storage is available with a split tailgate and flat folding passenger seat. Groceries, luggage, your dog, or golf clubs can fit inside with you. Bring them with you for the test drive and prove it! The new 2018 model is 4 inches wider than our older models, so until you've tried out this latest and greatest model, you don't truly know smart cars. Headroom and legroom are on-par with much larger vehicles. Don't believe us? Sit it one for yourself at smart Center of Lynnfield, MA.

Concerned About Interior Space?
You won't be once you try it.

You won't believe how much room there is inside.

Everybody who has sat inside the 2018 model has been pleasantly surprised by our roomy interior.


Electric vehicles never need an oil change or other conventional engine maintenance. The smart EQ Fortwo will never need a tire rotation, and there is no exhaust system nor any internal combustion engine to need repairs. The electric drive battery and electric motor are very simple to maintain. For full maintenance details, contact smart Center of Lynnfield.


The electric drive battery is covered by an 8 year/62,000 mile warranty. The New Vehicle Limited Warranty also protects every new smart and covers defects in material and workmanship for 48-months or 50,000 miles (whichever comes first). This warranty also includes 24-hour Roadside Assistance. For full warranty details, please visit smart Center of Lynnfield.


MOTOR Three-phase synchronous motor
BATTERY New 17.6kWh Lithium-ion with improvements over older battery design
RANGE EPA official 58 miles. EPA max tested range: 104.9 miles
ACCELERATION (0-60) 11.4s. (Try the 0-30mph instant torque)
TOP SPEED 81 mph
MAX TORQUE 118 lb-ft
CHARGE TIME (0-80%) 2.5 hours (240v/32A) 13 hours (120v/12A)
CHARGER CONFIGURATION J1772 Level 1 (120V/12A) or J1772 Level 2 (240V/32A)


Contact smart Center Lynnfield for this month's low lease special!

Starting at $24,550 before Government Incentives!
Get up to $10,000 Back!^

Before government incentives, the new smart EQ Fortwo starts at only $24,650 ($23,900 plus the $750 transportation charge to import from Europe). A $7,500 Federal Tax Credit^ is available for cash or finance customers until Mercedes-Benz sells 200,000 electric vehicles. After 200,000 electric vehicles are sold by Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC (smartUSA), the tax credit is gradually reduced each following quarter year. An additional $1,500^ cash refund may be available to Massachusetts residents who lease, finance, or pay cash for a 2018 smart EQ Fortwo. This $1,500 cash refund for Massachusetts residents is not related to taxes and is offered by the MA DOER and MA Clean Cities^.

Until Massachusetts funds run out, an additional $1,500^ cash refund may be available to Massachusetts residents who lease, finance, or pay cash for a 2018 smart EQ Fortwo. This $1,500 cash refund for Massachusetts residents is not related to taxes and is offered by the MA DOER and MA Clean Cities^.

*Claim based on information from Bureau of Transportation Statistics //bit.ly/2oAFyHb

The Bluetooth word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

^The smart EQ Fortwo is eligible for both a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit & $1,500 Massachusetts MOR-EV cash refund. Consult your tax professional for information on your personal eligibility for the IRS Federal tax credit. General EV tax credit information provided by smartCenter Lynnfield does not constitute tax advice for your personal situation. Please also visit the MA DOER rebate website at https://mor-ev.org/to see if you are eligible for the $1,500 Massachusetts cash refund. The $7,500 Federal Tax Credit and the $1,500 MA DOER rebate are offered independently of smart Center of Lynnfield which can make no guarantee of your personally eligibility.

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