smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Greater Boston's Commuter Vehicle

The 100% Electric smart Fortwo Electric Drive: Engineered With Mercedes-Benz. 
Welcome to smart Center of Lynnfield's Frequently Asked Questions page about the smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

What Is The smart Car's Electric Range? How Does It Charge? Is a smart Car Safe? 
These common questions and more answered below. 

If you have a question that is not addressed or answered to your satisfaction, please let us know and our Electric Vehicle Specialist will get you the information. Please use the form below to submit your question or comments about the smart Electric Drive.

Help! I'm looking for information on the gasoline-powered smart Fortwo with an internal combustion engine. Where can I get a gasoline smart Fortwo?

    As of 2017, new gasoline powered smart Fortwo vehicles are no longer imported into the United States. We encourage you to give the electric smart a try or reach out to us about pre-owned gasoline models not listed online. 


How Far Does A smart Fortwo Electric Drive Go?

To find out how EV-range responds to your driving style, please take a no-obligation extended test drive and experience the smart Fortwo Electric Drive for yourself. Current owners report ranges of 70-80 miles. We'd love to hear your feedback after your drives. 

Like gas mileage, electric car driving range will depend on a variety of factors like personal driving style, weather, road conditions and other factors.  Maximum EPA recorded range is 40% higher than the listed figures. The EPA's official window-sticker range of the smart Fortwo Electric Drive Coupe is 63 city miles, 50 highway miles, and 58 miles when driving 45% highway speeds and 55% city speeds.

The smart Fortwo ED was tested by the EPA and was recorded as having a maximum range of 105.9 city miles or 84.4 highway miles under ideal conditions. This led the EPA to estimate 96.3 miles of 45% highway driving and 55% city driving. Turning on ECO-mode could further increase these distances. These ideal EPA results were reduced by 40% to get the official window sticker ranges listed above. The official EPA ranges include the 40% reduction which is meant to take into account different driving styles, weather, road conditions, and other factors that will decrease range. We encourage you to experience the smart Fortwo Electric Drive for yourself and see how your driving style affects the range. 

Contact the smart Brand Manager to learn more. 

How Long Does The smart Fortwo Electric Drive Take To Charge?

The smart Fortwo Electric Drive can charge at a typical 120V household outlet or at an optional  240V Level 2 charging station. 

The smart Fortwo Electric Drive can recharge fully in as little as 3 hours on a 240V 30A outlet. The battery can be "topped off" at any point so it is unlikely an owner would drain the battery to empty and need a full 3 hours to ever recharge. 

A 120V outlet can also be used to fullly recharge the vehicle in 12-16.5 hours depending on the Amps used. The battery can be "topped off" at any point so it is unlikely an owner would drain the battery to empty and need a full recharge. Similar to a smartphone, the smart car can be plugged in while the driver is sleeping or at work to recharge when the car is not in use. 

Contact the smart Brand Manager to learn more. 

Is The smart Fortwo Electric Drive Safe?

Very safe. The smart Fortwo received the highest safety scores possible in every category that is was tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The smart Fortwo also received a 4 star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The smart Fortwo Electric Drive is structurally identical to the gasoline smart Fortwo.

The smart Fortwo Electric Drive was engineered with Mercedes-Benz.  It features advanced safety technologies such as a reinforced steel tridion safety cell, spot-welded reinforced steel framed doors, rollover sensors, high-tech airbags, and Mercedes-Benz Crosswind Assist which prevents the vehicle from bring blown around on highway or in the wind. The smart Fortwo Electric Drive also includes Electronic Stability Control (ESP), Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Hill-Start Assist, Hydraulic Brake Assist, seat belts with pretensioners, Mercedes-Benz Rescue Assist, and more. 

Contact the smart Brand Manager to learn more. 

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