What is Mercedes-Benz EQ Electric Technology?

The Electric Intelligence concept car displays its digital grille and seamless design.

What is Mercedes-Benz EQ Electric Technology?

Mercedes-Benz EQ refers to the latest lineup of fully electric Mercedes-Benz models. As for EQ Power vehicles, this collection includes Mercedes-Benz hybrid plug-in cars and SUVs. Mercedes-Benz AMG® has also contributed with EQ Power+, which includes an incredible lineup of high-powered hybrids. So, what does this mean for Massachusetts Mercedes-Benz fans? Since the automotive industry continues to work toward an emissions-free future, the Mercedes-Benz brand is taking on this trend with full steam by developing a new line of Mercedes-Benz EQ vehicles. To learn more about the benefits of financing or leasing a Mercedes-Benz EQ, hurry in to our Mercedes-Benz dealer in Lynnfield, MA, and discover a new era of driving excellence.

What are the Advantages of Mercedes-Benz EQ?

More fuel efficiency is one of the notable advantages of leasing or financing an electric-powered Mercedes-Benz model. But that does not mean Massachusetts Mercedes-Benz drivers will lose sight of thrilling performance. With electric drive systems found in each Mercedes-Benz EQ model, power will be delivered to the front and rear wheels instantly. This ultimately provides greater acceleration and torque, which adds more exhilaration to your daily excursions.

Which Models are Mercedes-Benz Hybrids?

The 2021 Mercedes-Benz GLC 350e 4MATIC® and 2021 Mercedes-Benz S 560e are hybrid Mercedes-Benz vehicles. If you're curious to learn more about these new Mercedes-Benz hybrids for sale or would like to know the benefits of financing a Mercedes-Benz hybrid, visit our nearby Mercedes-Benz dealership. Anyone from our Massachusetts Mercedes-Benz sales department can answer your inquiries about this refined lineup of Mercedes-Benz hybrid cars and SUVs.

Where Can I Charge My Electric Mercedes-Benz?

You'll have access to thousands of electric car charging stations across the country after you buy or lease an electric Mercedes-Benz in Lynnfield, MA. Every single car charging location in Massachusetts is able to charge your electric or plug-in Mercedes-Benz vehicle. Our Lynnfield Mercedes-Benz dealer can also install a wallbox for you at your convenience if you'd rather charge your Mercedes-Benz EQ at home, making overnight Mercedes-Benz battery charges easy.

What Are the Cost Benefits of Gas vs. Electric Cars?

Electricity is less expensive than gas, which means when you finance an electric Mercedes-Benz in Lynnfield, you'll be saving on money in addition to emissions. Electricity rates can vary but will typically be at about 12 cents per kWh, so if a MA Mercedes-Benz owner drives 15,000 miles per year, they would have about $540 in charging costs. The same can be said for Mercedes-Benz plug-in hybrid owners. For drivers who own a gas vehicle, they may have to pay upwards of $1,400 for the same number of miles.

Are There Massachusetts Electric Car Tax Credits?

Yes, the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources offers rebates on select electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Drivers who would like to get the keys to a Mercedes-Benz EQ in Massachusetts could qualify for up to $2,500 toward the purchase or lease of an electric Mercedes-Benz vehicle. To find out if you qualify, visit MOR-EV today.

Are There Federal Electric Car Tax Incentives?

You can qualify for the Plug-In Electric Drive Vehicle Credit from the IRS if you finance a plug-in hybrid at Flagship Motorcars of Lynnfield. Make sure to contact your preferred tax professional to find out if you can apply this federal electric tax credit toward your total tax bill.

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