Mercedes-Benz vehciles

Which Mercedes-Benz Models
Have Been Renamed?

At Flagship Motorcars of Lynnfield, we want every one of our drivers to feel as though they have all the information they need to make informed decisions when shopping for a Mercedes-Benz. That’s because we want them to drive home in the luxurious new ride that’s the best fit for their driving styles, wants and budgets. With that in mind, we want to help break down some of the recent Mercedes-Benz nomenclature changes, and to help make it clearer which Mercedes-Benz models have been renamed and which have stayed the same.

Whether you’re thinking of buying a sedan, coupe, SUV or crossover from our Mercedes-Benz dealership near Peabody, MA, this guide should help you. Once you refamiliarize yourself with the Mercedes-Benz lineup, take one for a test-drive at our dealership!

Mercedes-Benz SUV and Crossover Lineup Naming Changes

Many of the exciting new SUVs and crossovers in the Mercedes-Benz family have seen changes to their nomenclature. While every Mercedes-Benz SUV and Crossover has a model designation that begins with the letter “G,” there are subtle changes that can help you identify which Mercedes-Benz is right for you. They include:

  • The Mercedes-Benz GL is now the Mercedes-Benz GLS
  • The Mercedes-Benz ML is now the Mercedes-Benz GLE
  • The Mercedes-Benz GLK is now the Mercedes-Benz GLC

The names of the Mercedes-Benz GLA and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class have remained. Please note that the Mercedes-Benz GLE and Mercedes-Benz GLC come in SUV and “Coupe” variants.

Mercedes-Benz Core Model Series Names

You have plenty of options when you shop for a new Mercedes-Benz, and many of our core series models have not experienced recent name changes. You can still drive home in stylish new Mercedes-Benz C-Class, E-Class and S-Class Coupes, Cabriolets and Sedans that will let you own the open road while indulging in modern technology. The Mercedes-Benz E-Class is also available in Wagon style. Looking for an electric vehicle? The Mercedes-Benz B-Class provides efficiency and class in equal measure.

Mercedes-Benz 4 Door Coupe Lineup Names

As is the case with the Core Model Series, the Mercedes-Benz 4 Door Coupe lineup has been unaffected by recent name changes. Both the Mercedes-Benz CLS and CLA are available and provide incredible luxury, style and comfort in compact yet spacious packages.

Updated Mercedes-Benz Roadster Names

Own the road with style and strength behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz Roadster. Our two Roadster models offer unparalleled power, cutting-edge technologies and sleek exteriors that are sure to turn heads wherever you go. Our new nomenclature sees the Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster remain unchanged. However, there is one update to the Mercedes-Benz Roadster lineup:

  • The Mercedes-Benz SLK is now the Mercedes-Benz SLC

If you have any questions about the recent Mercedes-Benz nomenclature changes, please reach out to Flagship Motorcars of Lynnfield. Our staff will be happy to walk you through every update!